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When to see a Podiatrist

Do you think you may need to see a podiatrist? Learn more about the role of podiatrists in foot health – and how this can benefit your general overall health.

Podiatrists are foot health experts who are university-trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Often, these conditions stem from other underlying health issues such as diabetes, stress fractures and arthritis

Why do people see podiatrists?

Your feet house a quarter of the bones in our entire bodies – in addition to various muscles, ligaments and joints. This makes them extremely vulnerable to injury and diseases that can affect the entire body. 

A podiatrist will not just look at your foot, but they will carry out a biomechanical assessment to see how your gait can be impacting other parts of your body, such as your hips. (Your gait is the way you walk.)

Podiatrists fully understand the structure and movement of the foot and lower limbs. They are able to diagnose foot conditions, identify systemic overall health conditions that present with foot or lower limb symptoms – and recommend appropriate treatment plans.

When should you see a podiatrist?

You may be experiencing pain in your feet, ingrown or discoloured skin/nails, corns, skin rashes, foot odour, foot injuries, broader health problems such as diabetes or arthritis, recurrent tripping or falling, problems fitting comfortably in your regular shoes; or if you notice swelling, lumps, or redness on your feet or legs.

 It is a common misconception that painful feet are a normal side effect from everyday activities. 

Yet research shows that only a fraction of individuals suffering from sore feet seek out professional advice. Just as you would visit your dentist for a toothache, you should visit a podiatrist if you suffer from painful or tired feet and/or lower limbs.

Podiatry Services:

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Corns and Callous

Corns and calluses are common skin conditions of the feet that can be easily treated, but good foot care and properly fitted shoes can prevent them developing.

Fungal Nail Infections

No-one likes to talk about it, but many people experience fungal and nail infections. Read on to see how to avoid these types of infections, and what to do if you have an infection on your feet or toenails.

Laser for Nail Fungus

Fungal toenails (oncyhomycosis) are a persistent and embarrassing problem. The infection becomes apparent through the development of nail discoloration, thickening, and crumbling toenails.

Ingrowing Toe Nail

The most common nail to grow in is the big toe


If you have a wart it is most likely that you will have caught it from a communal floor such
as a swimming pool or changing room but it could just as easily have been at home or on

Painful Feet

Are you experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs? This can provide clues to many related ailments throughout your body. Here is a round-up of what your various pain signals may indicate.