Do you need to see a Podiatrist?

Here is a handy checklist.

Do you... 
 Have painful feet? 
 Experience leg pain? 
 Have painful knees? 
 Experience sore hips? 
 Find walking or standing uncomfortable? 
 Experience leg or foot pain during sport? 
 Need advice on correct footwear? 

Ticked one or more boxes?

Then you need to see a podiatrist. 
Go see a podiatrist Because... 
✔ Podiatrists are Foot Health Experts and understand the structure and movement of your feet and lower limbs. 
✔ They can assess, diagnose and treat foot, ankle, knee, leg or hip pain. 
Given your feet alone house a quarter of the bones in your entire body, a podiatrist is best placed to get you moving, active or pain-free